Birds are lovely, beautiful and inspirational creatures. These unique living beings are motivational for me. They try many times to fly, teaching not to give up until we reach our goals, i.e., to fly. They soar high and touch the mysterious sky with their wings, encouraging me to think high and work hard to reach our high dreams and goals. Their chirping in the morning disciplines me to wake up early in the morning. Their colourful falling features remind me how we leave our vibrant marks on this earth. Birds are in the dreams of the poets, storybooks of children and hearts of affections.

They are the angels which make me feel the existence of the ALMIGHTY…

Life Stars

Most of the people are confused about who we are? Like stars, we shine, some very brightly, some less. Like stars we brighten the dark night, our challenges. Like stars, we are innumerable. Like stars, we are apart. Like stars we are mysterious. Like stars we shine forever and leave our unique marks in the sky forever….So we are Life stars, so let’s Smile and forget not to Shine!