“Truth sustains the originality and your inner soul,

It instructs to live life not in parts but whole.” 

To be morally correct and truthful is very important to be a perfect human being.

Truth is a power which can shake the whole humanity. If you are truthful, no negativity can shake you, as you are filled with enthusiasm and grace. To live in a superficial world filled with numerous lies only destroys our inner beauty and our whole life is devastated.

Some that telling a lie for others’ benefit is excusable. But I have a different outlook. Although that lie will benefit the other person prima facie, it will have a destructive result in the future. Many laws can be imposed to check a person’s truthfulness, but it’s a person’s moral responsibility to speak the truth.

“A lie can win you false power and faces,

But with a truth you win all the races.”

Truth gives us immense and strong energy. It makes us wise, powerful, emotionally strong and wise. It builds a strong character, which no wind can ever shake. A true person becomes valiant , peaceful and respected by all.

Truth may bring risks to our easy-going life. But life without risks is no life at all. We all have so many challenges and failures. With truth, we can conquer all of them with ease and our inner strengths.

There is not a single person who has never lied! We should try not to lie because a single lie can destroy many lives and make you lose your own identity and originality.

So be truthful and life your life to the fullest, enjoying every single moment of life.

“It’s an enigmatic magic of being morally wise,

It’s the road of truth which opens our eyes.”