Shakti (Strength)

Inner strength is revolutionary in changing the course of a person’s transient and momentous life. But what’s the origin of this intangible strength or Shakti of Life, which motivates us to cling on to this mysterious journey? Look deeply around and within.

Our breath keeps us alive, transporting oxygen to our blood and allowing organs to function. Deep breathing not only relieves stress, but also purifies us internally.

Self-dignity and self-confidence empower us to stand up for ourselves and also against injustice. They bring out the “best version” of us. That hidden us, which we haven’t realised!

What makes people cross mountains, oceans, reach stars or decode the mysteries?  It’s faith.  Faith that whatever adversities or failures you may face, they’ll make you mighty and headstrong.

Nature is the ultimate source of blissful vigor.  A flock of birds crossing the sky,  an ant toiling hard, mountains and oceans. Inspiring, blissful and real.

Sunshine spreads the ray of hope in your life. It fills the darkness with shining possibility of a new day.

Truth could be bitter, harsh or unpleasant, but it unleashes the realities of life. It emancipates the truthful with a inexplicable  strength to even fight the world.

God is the protector, creator and destructor of this unuverse. He’s the truthful, supreme and ultimate source of strength. He guides us and shows us the correct path in the form of our own Conscience. Contemplate and listen to the Soul, which can lead us to the eternal truth and save us from destruction.

Selfless benevolence can change this world. Smiles and laughter are contagious. Spread it to those who need them, and see the spreading magic.

Let’s share this massive power within us to everyone around us. Let us become an ocean of positivity and a ray of hope to dispel the darkness of this universe.



“I have that fire which can burn black vibes,

I have that smile which can destroy thousand cries.

I have that colour which can fill emptiness of life,

I have that ‘Courage’ which can resolve every strife.”

Courage is not something which can be attained only physically. An emotionally courageous person is the most powerful person in reality.

  • A courageous person feels happy, satisfied and fearless.
  • Soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives for their nation is an act of Courage.
  • A woman who fights against sexual abuse, instead of being quiet, is an act of Courage.
  • Doctors who save others’ precious lives do the act of Courage.
  • People who fight for their rights and educate other are courageous.

To be courageous, a person need not to be aggressive, peace and happiness can be signs of your courage.

Be courageous to stand against the wrong. Stand up for your rights and always spread your magic. Destroy fear and win the race of your Life with the  strength of courage.