Save Animals

Well said by Aristotle, “Man is a social animal.” Although humans are animals, they have claimed a supreme position over all other living beings because of their exceptional cognition . But to satisfy the insatiable avarice, many have destroyed the Nature and animals have been a typical prey to their savage needs. Cruelty to animals for fashion, hunting, clothes, food and other things reflect the inhumane characteristics of humans.

“They may not have words to let you know,

But like you, they suffer, love and grow.”

The Almighty has created everyone equal. Although we all have unique features, we all thrive to live a happy and peaceful life. Animals cannot express themselves like humans, but they know the language of love and care. They are not slaves who should be caged, tortured and kept for fun and entertainment. They need respect, warmth, attention and elation of humans.

“Let the laws never make anyone dare,

To destroy their lives, devoid of care.

We spread our smiles for their welfare,

And a golden crown of Humanity we wear.”

Laws should be strict and harsh against those who are cruel to animals.  Such people should be heavily penalised. The need of the hour is that the whole society and each individual takes up this initiative to safeguard tender and innocent lives of animals, to save the Humanity in this precious world. Will you also join your hands?