I am the flame within you.

I am the light of wisdom which dissipates your darkness of illusionary ignorance.

I burn your hatered, anger, jealousy and fear and lead you to blissful enlightenment.

I teach you to melt the hardened feelings of your heart and become compassionate and selfless.

I am the source of meditation which you seek in the times of miseries.

I am that strength which blazes injustice and tyranny.

I am a spark that can lighten the entire universe.

I am hope, which pulls you up every time you fall down into the pits of hopelessness.

I am your voice. I am your feeling. I am your life. I am within you. Just look deeper. Flame or fire, you will come to know.



SHIVOHAM – I am the Supreme being (Shiva)– the eternal truth. This is the main idea which classical Hindu philosophy propounds.

If you realise that the soul within you is pure, eternal and indestructible, then you become fearless. No fear of death, misery, pain or sufferings can surround you.

We need to realise that the hope within us, keeps us strong. The one who realises this truth becomes devoid of agony and ignorance.

No negative vibration can even touch you. You are pious,  you are the strength and you are the ultimate Truth.

Meditation makes us realise the various layers of our own mind. We need to discover ourselves first before entangling in this illusionary world. No one can escape Death, but very few live to the fullest.

The immense joy in oneself is the true realisation of the Creator. True celebration, where even tears roll down out of mirth not pain. Blissful and tranquil.



“I have that fire which can burn black vibes,

I have that smile which can destroy thousand cries.

I have that colour which can fill emptiness of life,

I have that ‘Courage’ which can resolve every strife.”

Courage is not something which can be attained only physically. An emotionally courageous person is the most powerful person in reality.

  • A courageous person feels happy, satisfied and fearless.
  • Soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives for their nation is an act of Courage.
  • A woman who fights against sexual abuse, instead of being quiet, is an act of Courage.
  • Doctors who save others’ precious lives do the act of Courage.
  • People who fight for their rights and educate other are courageous.

To be courageous, a person need not to be aggressive, peace and happiness can be signs of your courage.

Be courageous to stand against the wrong. Stand up for your rights and always spread your magic. Destroy fear and win the race of your Life with the  strength of courage.


Everyone cherishes gifts, beautifully decorated boxed on the occasion of prosperity and mirth. The surprise, enthusiasm and sweetness which gifts add to our bleak life is commendable. Be it your birthday, marriage, a visit to relatives or friends, or festivals gifts always bring delight with them.

Choosing gifts is a very important task. The needs of the person have to be given the prime importance. A flower to your depressed colleague, a toy to an orphan or clothes to a destitute can really make their day cheerful and jubilant. Useless gifts, however expensive cannot bring emotions to a person. Remember “Money cannot buy happiness.” Recently, I gave a small, unused and inexpensive notebook  to a poor boy living in a slum. I cannot express his happiness and a big smile on his face. This is the real magic of a gift. Gifting an imported and expensive scenery from a foreign land, just to show off, is not a gift at all. It’s destroys the real motive of giving a gift.

Gifts are also the natural talents and abilities one possesses. Every human is unique and has been gifted with something exceptional. To discover such intrinsic attributes in oneself is important. Gifts can be misused in the form of bribes- notes, position and privileges to do something immoral or illegal, also spoils the emotional aspect of gifts.

No one is immortal in this world. So it’s our duty to create a beautiful and magical world of  no pain and sufferance. Gifts can diminish sorrow, gloominess and loneliness in a person’s life. In this ecstatic journey of life, let our gifts make it splendid and more meaningful.

“The gift of service forever sublimes,

Like a star in the darkness shines.”


The child smiles after receiving a box of sweets,

A mendicant is overjoyed when his hands are full of what he needs,

An old man laughs when he sees his granddaughter play,

Gifts to a blind man helps him see the lovely world,

A star which brightens our hopes and wishes,

A  joke, a story, an article which makes us giggle,

An inspiration, a hobby and and art which nurtures us.

Around the world, this magic is spread, this colour is added to our empty canvas of Life.

This is “Happiness.”