A glorious garland of brotherhood,

Is turned into a web of falsehood.

For “votes”, golden Dreams are scattered,

For “notes”, values and morals are shattered.

The mawkish masks of Politicians and Leaders fall down,

Callousness is revealed, Humanity is burned down.


A system of government rises to heights,

By crushing the innocent and genuine plights.

Doors of Justice bring truth to light,

But hush! “Law is said to be blind.”


With faith, we pray and look in the sky,

Moon has patches, is it a lie?

In the mirror we talk to our souls,

Searching for truth and definite goals:

“A Dream of justice, ethics and beauty,

A sword, a star and a path of Duty.”


Terrors may shake us, making us morose,

But with each virtuous step, their minds shall close.

Reality will be devised by tenacious Time,

Prosperity will be synonymous with Politics for lifetime.


“A bag full of notes, which can let you buy,

Clothes, food, house and  a golden “Lie”

‘Money can buy everything and I’m powerful,

With it I can earn position and emotions, so wonderful!’

Money can’t bring jubilance in the dark room,

It can bring Avarice and cause terrible doom.

If not well spent it can be a demon in disguise,

So be kind and you will be a human, totally wise.”

– By Akash Singh