I am the flame within you.

I am the light of wisdom which dissipates your darkness of illusionary ignorance.

I burn your hatered, anger, jealousy and fear and lead you to blissful enlightenment.

I teach you to melt the hardened feelings of your heart and become compassionate and selfless.

I am the source of meditation which you seek in the times of miseries.

I am that strength which blazes injustice and tyranny.

I am a spark that can lighten the entire universe.

I am hope, which pulls you up every time you fall down into the pits of hopelessness.

I am your voice. I am your feeling. I am your life. I am within you. Just look deeper. Flame or fire, you will come to know.


14 thoughts on “Flame

  1. I hope you know that your words inspire, dear one. It’s obvious that you understand the meaning of “I am.” For whatever words you add behind them determines your reality. Thank you for such a lovely post. Stay true to yourself.

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    1. Thank you so much.
      Yeah I do. When I refer that “I am the flame”, I explore the intrinsic power within us, which motivates us to keep going and live our dreams whatsoever comes in our ways.

      I really appreciate your kind words. They mean a lot. 😁


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