My Papa is my true best friend,

He’s my superhero with an exceptional power,

Robust figure, with an emotional blend.

He’s the rain who blossoms my withered flower.


Tireless work, infinite time, pain unexpressed,

He’s my teacher, values and lessons, he has showered.

Pa! You are my umbrella when it rains,

You uplift and inspire me to be the best.

I touch your feet and feel empowered.

I pray Almighty to take away all your pains.


Happy Father’s Day! 

45 thoughts on “Father

  1. This poem is very touching. The love for your father is strongly felt in every word. Honestly, this poem is not just happy, but also painfully bitter-sweet. I have forgotten how much I used to trust my dad, and it was nice to remember the good times. Thank you!

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  2. Nice poem… actually I was thinking if it was Mother’s Day, the blogging world would have been flooded with so many posts.. but being it a Father’s Day, I didn’t see much posts.. in fact this is the first one I am reading.. happy that at least you posted..

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    1. I think both parents need to be applauded foe their sincere love and affection. That’s why this post is dedicated to my father, whose support and inspiration always makes Life a beautiful journey. It’s a pleasure to hear that you liked it. Thank you for reading 😊

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