Mother is the sweetest gift of life,

Without her, I can’t dream to thrive.

She loves, cares and never complains,

She’s Panacea who takes away my pains.


My mother, I touch your pious feet,

In my discordant life, you are a blissful beat.

As Almighty created this wonderful Earth,

You have composed and given me birth.


When tears roll down my dazzling eyes,

With a doting hug, you help me rise.

For my long life you devotedly pray,

Your scrumptious delicacies perfect my day.


 O goddess, what a charm you possess!

When gloominess surrounds, you bless.

In every happy moment and painful cry,

Your hands I hold and reach the shining sky.

117 thoughts on “Mother

      1. Ok. There may be some reasons. But believe me, close your eyes, feel, think and write whatever comes to ur mind. U can keep it a secret. You will feel good after u look to ur work. It will be true and wonderful. 🙂

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      1. Yes. I have no much clue about it as I am young and my father helps my mother. Some of the uncles are really not cooperative. So yes.


  1. It is indeed a lovely ode. No human being is as happy as he who appreciates what he has and is grateful to his parents. When that happens, the mother can finally rest assure she did a good job. Not all mothers can say that and not all children are that lucky. Your words are very well chosen, giving this poem the perfect flow able to convey your noble feeling. Thank you for inviting me to read it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I love rhymes. There is something or the other that is common in poets.
      Wow! That is great to hear that you write about your loved and dearest ones. I will surely read them.
      U too keep writing and reading 🙂

      Yeah, I will surely read and give my feedback there.


  2. Oh snap!! What a poem! You know, in a time where I see of lot of teenagers that love to bash their parents, your poem is like a breath of fresh air. I see you express a profound, true appreciation of mothers, and it makes me so happy, especially since I myself feel really close to my mother. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. This poem is well-written! I am sure you have inspired a lot of children to beautifully express their love for their mothers.

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    1. Thank you! True, a mother has a tremendous impact on a child’s upbringing. She can be the path to glory for the child. Her support and love really is very crucial for a well-being. It’s important by the fathers too.

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