Stop Ragging!

The Truth will come out

Dhruv was very excited to join a prestigious university after one-year of toil and hard work for preparation of the demanding entrance examination. He’s just turned 18 it is the first time he will enter the world as an adult. Before he could begin his journey, he read newspaper articles about “ragging,” even in the most reputed colleges and schools.

Four freshers were beaten up horrendously by their seniors at night; a girl committed suicide for she was teased, humiliated and blackmailed in her fresher year and a group of kids were found terribly bruised and decided to drop-out from schools due to tremendous fear.

Being an introvert boy from the very beginning, such incidents sent chills down Dhruv’s spine.  Finally, he decided to take advice from his neighbour Miss Maria, a professional lawyer.

Dhruv: “Good Evening Miss Maria.”

Miss Maria: “Good Evening Dhruv. I heard from your mother that…

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A New Journey begins!

Hello Readers!

Thank you all for going through and appreciating my writings on my blog. Finally, my blog has completed a perfect one year. Throughout this eternal time, I received so much of your love and admiration. My journey of “PHILOSOPHICAL PATHWAY” was really tremendous and unequivocal by your true and valuable feedback. 

Out of the blue, I bring back a real surprise for all of you, a novel and truthful journey, all again, with a new start! Hopefully you will shower the same love and support to me once again as  “Every ending is always a new beginning.”

Always remember, “The truth will come out! Now or Ever.” Join hands and come along with me at: https://truthwillcomeout.wordpress.com/

So just hang on and get ready for a truthful ride of Life through my lens!


My Papa is my true best friend,

He’s my superhero with an exceptional power,

Robust figure, with an emotional blend.

He’s the rain who blossoms my withered flower.


Tireless work, infinite time, pain unexpressed,

He’s my teacher, values and lessons, he has showered.

Pa! You are my umbrella when it rains,

You uplift and inspire me to be the best.

I touch your feet and feel empowered.

I pray Almighty to take away all your pains.


Happy Father’s Day! 


Mother is the sweetest gift of life,

Without her, I can’t dream to thrive.

She loves, cares and never complains,

She’s Panacea who takes away my pains.


My mother, I touch your pious feet,

In my discordant life, you are a blissful beat.

As Almighty created this wonderful Earth,

You have composed and given me birth.


When tears roll down my dazzling eyes,

With a doting hug, you help me rise.

For my long life you devotedly pray,

Your scrumptious delicacies perfect my day.


 O goddess, what a charm you possess!

When gloominess surrounds, you bless.

In every happy moment and painful cry,

Your hands I hold and reach the shining sky.